14 – Peter Clines

14 | [Peter Clines]

Everyday  Superhero’s are your neighbors! An homage to Lovecraft.

14 is an enjoyable read. Imagine getting a great deal on an apartment and while you notice there are distinctly odd aspects to the building you find out there are only more when you meet your neighbors. Everyone ignores the oddities. Including neon green 5 legged roaches. Do you choose to buck the system? If you are Nate(an otherwise laid back, lost, uninspired but nice individual), you do. You’ve got to go all in on something in life and this is his mission.

It is an absolute nod to Lovecraft. If you like Lovecraft you will be in heaven, but even if you are not the Lovecraft super fan it is still entertaining. There is a lot of Scooby Doo, who done it humor, along with a healthy dose of self mockery at each tenants search for meaning in their life. The characters are endearing. They are predictable and fit into boxes, but Clines recognizes and makes fun of that.

If you like a little science fiction mixed in your mystery with a side of humor read it, or get the audible version, Ray Porter does a fine job. He is in tune with Clines humor and sarcasm.


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