Christian Nation – Frederic C. Rich

Christian Nation

First, I have to say I got this through a Goodreads Giveaway. Very Exciting! This book is really about how fundamentalists takes control of the United states. It is a dystopian novel, and unlike a lot of dystopian literature that is out now, it is not young adult fiction. It is not light, it is not about teenagers, and it is not black and white where the government is already considered an evil regime. The book is about how fundamentalist Christians get power within the republican tea party and infiltrate the US government.
I know some will look at the surface of the book and see this as a prediction of what would happen if Evangelical Christians took over the country and see it as a criticism of Christians and republicans but it really is about how any fundamentalists could take over the US from within the government. It’s very detailed and rather than a light fiction novel I could see this as part of the curriculum for a sociology or political science college class. It has a quote and cite for everything.

I found myself highlighting large sections of this book and my husband asked me what I was doing. I explained there were correlations to what was happening currently in the Obama cabinet today. He then asked me when it was written and I told him. He started laughing and said of course it would. Now, while that is true, I still found it fascinating because the book was showing that those in power will justify abuse of power because they believe it is for the best of the country and for everyone in it despite the protections/freedoms the bill of rights and constitution give us.

I recommend people read this. It’s interesting. Ignore the surface of the novel that appears to be attacking Christians and republicans and get to the meat of it. Don’t read it, however, if you are looking for another Hunger Games or Divergent.


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