Midnight Riot: Rivers of London Book 1 – Ben Aaronovitch

Midnight Riot (Peter Grant, #1)

Oh so good! This is police drama with urban fantasy done right. Peter Grant is a recently made constable that starts to see ghosts. This surprise has some down sides but has the decidedly great advantage of saving him from being a paperwork monkey that fills out other constable’s and detectives paperwork for them. While that would be a “valuable service,” it is not the service he signed up for. He wants to be a proper thief-taker.
Ben Aaronovitch creates a fabulously British view of London. It’s modern, funny, and has the perfect and accurate pop culture references. I picked it up because I was trolling Daniel O’Malley’s blog, hoping to find out when the sequel to “The Rook” was coming,and he recommended The Peter Grant series for those of us needing anything similar to satisfy our impatience.

This is a quick but fun read that will make you laugh. Make sure you have the sequel because you will not want to wait. It has some light sexual content and profanity but nothing extreme a slightly worldly teenager can’t handle. Have your parents ever slipped up and sworn in front of you? Yes? You can handle this.

Kobna Holdbrook-Smith does a fabulous narration! It enhanced the book for me. The accents were fantastic and the characters were differentiated well. The entirety is in a strong British accent but as it is set in London this was perfect. I will listen to anything he narrates and intend to listen rather than read the rest of this series.


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