Moon Over Soho – Ben Aaronovitch

Moon Over Soho (Peter Grant, #2)

I truly enjoyed this book. Our quirky, magical Deputy Constable becomes the Jazz Police in the sequel to Midnight Riot. Peter Grant, self believed ladies man, humorously navigates some rather awkward romantic relationships with magical creatures amongst his regular police work duties. His conclusion, he creates a new rule for himself, don’t date anyone with more magic than yourself.

While Peter does seem to get easily sidetracked by the ladies, he has two cases that intersect. One is of Jazz musicians that seem to be dying of an unheard of, until now, magical cause. This takes him and the healing Nightingale into discovering there may be more wizards in London than Nightingale knew of. This is of some surprise since Nightingale thought he was the last. We get the pleasure of exploring Nightingale’s past, schooling, his time during World War II, and his recovery from it.

There are some fantastic jazz references in this book, although, Peter does have an unfair advantage since his father is the somewhat famous Lord Grant of the London Jazz scene. In this version with Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as the narrator you even get to hear some snippets of the pieces mentioned. Kobna Holdbrook-Smith is a fantastic narrator, a favorite of mine. I recommend listening to it if you have a chance.

I mentioned there is a bit of romance in this book. There is some profanity and some sexually explicit material but it is not the focus of the story nor the bulk of it. If you read the first book, it has more than the last but I wouldn’t shelve it under erotic fiction by any stretch of the imagination.


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