Nine Princes in Amber – Roger Zelazny

Nine Princes in Amber (Amber Chronicles, #1)

I had this book recommended to me several times. I saw it on sale a while ago and thought I had won the lottery. I rarely give up on books but half way through I was frustrated and surrendered. It’s a short book and thought I could push through but just couldn’t. To fans out there I’m sorry. I had a hard time with the very basic character development. The story is set with a man you will find to be a prince from a place called Amber fighting for succession of the throne with his brothers. The narration of the audible version narrated by Alessandro Juliani felt over acted and some of the voices, especially of Random, was painful. Between the narration and the flat character development I gave up. I always defer to others who read the whole book, but use this to help you decide if you are on the fence.


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