The Day Watch: Night Watch Series Book 2 – Sergei Lukyanenko

Day Watch (Watch, #2)

This sequel to The Night Watch is structured into three stories just like Day Watch. Sergei Lukyanenko explores characters we have already met but the perspective changes from the introspection of Anton and the Night Watch characters to delving into those of the Night Watch. The whole concept of the Light and the Dark not being bad but different life choices is explored further and Lukyanenko writing the Day Watch shows no partiality. In fact a large point is made about both being necessary. This is a good sequel. I will say it took a moment for it to build in its intensity so that I couldn’t put it down, and more frustrating, because since it is three stories it took 3 separate moments to build intensity. That being said. I truly enjoyed it.

The book follows Elisa, Vitale, and Edgar of the Day Watch. The stories take loyal Day Watch members that are in the higher ranks from being pawns who follow orders and force them into positions they must grow and see the more complex picture of the war between the Light and the Dark. It causes them to question their commitment similar to Anton questioning his commitment to the Light in Night Watch. The dark are not corrupt lechers, well…for the most part. Being a member of the Dark Others is more a choice towards individualization. They do not want to be told what to do, how to think, or how to live. It’s a different perspective of Dark.

If you enjoyed Night Watch I think you will enjoy Day Watch. It is a good sequel as I mentioned above. Paul Michael did a wonderful job with the narration. His accents are good and he differentiates his characters well so you do not question who is speaking. My only reason I did not give the narration a five is there are a few moments the audio seems to skip or pause. It does not seem to lose anything but causes brief confusion for the listener. I would still say I believe this book is enhanced by the narration.


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