The Gate Thief: Mirthmages Book 2 – Orson Scott Card

The Gate Thief

Ok, I’m very on the fence here. I think my real rating is a 2.5. I liked Orson Scott Card’s attempt to bring in Egyptian mythology with Norse and Greek Mythology along with Judeo Christian beliefs into his world building and magic system. Orson Scott Card actually refers to this as his boring bits. I believe these were the good bits. He should have focused more on this and the plot.

If you read the first book you meet Danny North who is a Gate Mage and a Gate Father, meaning he can create great gates that will travel to another world and increase the mage’s magic. This is highly desired and everyone either wants to kill Danny or gain his favor so that they may use his gates. This causes contention between the families and has the potential to lead to war.

The first book is good and introduces and creates good characters you can understand. For some reason this book does not continue this. The characters are very flat. Also, Card focuses on Danny coming into his power as a young God and his going to High School. It focuses on Danny’s interaction with high school kids and in particular high school girls. Card focuses on the allure men of power have on young girls and goes overboard on Danny’s sexual allure. Every young girl in this story wants to have sex with Danny and he is constantly fending off their advances because he is trying to be the “good god” because there are so many “bad gods” in history that took advantage of silly young females. It gets really trite There was a point I almost quit reading out of boredom.  It was also a bit weird.  The girls wanted to have sex with Danny to get impregnated – all of them.  Very few adolescent girls are purely having sex to get pregnant.  Some – yes,  all of them – no.

I am interested in his third book and there are some interesting pieces. I really hope the third book is better because the first one was good and there is still potential in this series. I hope this just becomes the necessary evil of the series. I recognize the writing of the second book of a series is difficult but I was a bit disappointed that such a seasoned author fell into some of these traps. Read it because the first one is good, we have hopes the third will be great, and this is necessary to get there.


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2 responses to “The Gate Thief: Mirthmages Book 2 – Orson Scott Card

  • Rabindranauth

    Orson Scott Card is a great author that comes up with good ideas, and then executes them wonderfully. And then he completely wrecks his perfectly good novel by finding a way to make it a vehicle to inject his rather asinine personal views concerning women into them. He did it in Ender’s Game and he did it here again, based on what you said about all the girls wanting to have sex with Danny.


  • stephswint

    I agree that Card’s personal views can get in the way or lessen his books at times. It’s a shame


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