The Likeness: Dublin Murder Squad #2 – Tana French

The Likeness (Dublin Murder Squad, #2)

This is a very engaging book. I read it out of order. I learned Into the Woods is the first book. It reads well as a stand alone as well. It’s engaging and kept me guessing all the way through for a number of reasons.

The story is about a cop in Ireland who used to work  the under cover division.  She goes under again after a murder takes place.  The reason: the victim has a remarkable likeness to our main character.

The main character is likable and due to issues from a previous investigation is dealing with a large amount of stress.  She was not ready to go under cover. You go through her attachment to her new housemates and slowly watch her go native during this assignment. A large part of the drama is how she deals with the attachments to her housemates but also to the woman she is impersonating.

Heather O’Neill is a fantastic narrator on audible for this book if you want to got that route.   She does the accents really well.


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4 responses to “The Likeness: Dublin Murder Squad #2 – Tana French

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  • MadProfessah

    If you liked The Likeness you are in for a treat. Most people consider her other books, especially In The Woods and Faithful Place. I never recommend reading the books out of order.

    Tana French is unusual in the mystery genre in that her books really can work as stand-alone novels, primarily because the detective/protagonist changes in each book, but there is a sequential element to them ( presumably the stuff in Book 1 happened before the stuff in Book 5, but to different characters!

    Glad to find a blog by someone who reads scifi AND mystery!


    • Steph

      Absolutely I read sci-fi and mystery! I’m glad you do to. My favorite by French is Faithful Place. What’s yours?


      • MadProfessah

        I think Faithful Place is my favorite as well, although it is hard to replicate the sense of wonder and joy during the first read of In The Woods. I thought The Likeness was a great sequel.

        I’m glad that she brought back Stephen for a second time in The Secret Place (bizarre she used “Place” in two titles… I would have gone with simply The Secret or perhaps the The Secret Spot) but it is probably her least enjoyable of her books that I have read.

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