The Twilight Watch: Night Watch Series 3 – Segei Lukyanenko

Twilight Watch

This series has been enjoyable since the beginning but Twilight Watch delves deeper into what real differences there are between the Day Watch and the Night Watch. It explores the true reasons as to why they exist, and with this knowledge how it affects Anton and Svetlana’s family. A little bit of knowledge can turn a person’s world upside down. This was written very well and my favorite of the series.

The book is divided into three stories as is the case with both Day Watch and Night Watch. The stories are interconnected and tie in information from the previous books that previously may have seemed to be tangents.

If you read the other two and were thinking of giving up – don’t. This book pays off. I personally enjoyed the first two but wouldn’t categorize them in my favorites. This book I do. Read this series. The books are very philosophical…with vampires, werewolves, and magicians. All our favorite others from past books are present. This is the mature version of urban fantasy. There is minimal profanity and little to no sexual material.

Paul Michael narrates and does a wonderful job. He narrates the entire series. He has the right inflection and dry humor needed to deliver the material.


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