Wool – Hugh Howey

Wool Omnibus (Silo, #1) (Wool, #1-5)

This book is wonderful. It’s thought provoking and is not a predictable dystopian novel. I can see it appealing to a YA audience but I would categorize it as adult. There is minimal profanity and no sexual content. I utilized whispersync with audible for this book. Amanda Sayle was the narrator and did not do very well.   I understand that they use a different narrator for ‘Shift” …I am grateful.
The book is captivating and I will be reading the next book, ‘Shift’, by Hugh Howey. It explores a silo and its society after the world, the “up top,” has been contaminated and made unlivable. What is intriguing about it is it takes place generations after anyone has any idea about what happened to the surface and elephants and green grass in books seem to be made up creations. The general population has no idea what happened before and it is designed to be that way. The book explores the human need to find out their history and the need to leave the silo. The book shows how these needs effect their society. It is forbidden to discuss going “up top” or to go outside. It is very much a contained psychological experiment in the essence that you have an absolute control group. The difference is it isn’t an experiment in the book. It is their reality. There are good twists and I highly recommend it.

The use of whispersync for this book was very nice particularly because of the narration. I hadn’t used whispersync before and found I liked it. It was cheap to pick up the audible portion after getting the book through amazon. I started reading ‘Wool’, which was fortunate, because Amanda Sayle’s ability to do additional character voices is lacking. She does fine on regular narration and Juliette’s portion but her interpretation of male voices and some of the women is really bad and I think it would have led me to find some of the characters that I interpreted in my head as strong as juvenile. I utilized audible for Juliette’s portions and went back to the book if there was a lot of dialogue. I believe I might have abandoned the book if I hadn’t. I would only get the audible version of this book if you choose to use whispersync. If you don’t want to do whispersync I would read it and not listen to it.


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