Blackbirds (Miriam Black 1) – Chuck Wendig


Blackbirds is the second Chuck Wendig book I have tried to read.  The first was Blue Blazes but I abandoned it.  Chuck Wendig, however, comes highly recommended from multiple sources I respect.  Blackbirds is the story of a young woman who sees the way people die if she comes in skin to skin contact with them.  She has tried to fight fate in the past to save people, but it has always knocked her down and put her in her place.The book is a paranormal thriller.  What could you possibly not like…and what can you like?

Chuck is great at building a descriptive world.  You can smell, see, hear, and unfortunately taste it.  This world is one of dirty hotel rooms, dirtier dive bars, and hitchhiking a small town grimy America.  You might not want to experience the taste that goes with that.  The book hooks you and is action packed.  You need to know what happens next.

That being said his characters are not lovable.  They are psychopaths, sociopaths, con artists with attachment disorder, etc.  I know a Miriam, she didn’t see people’s deaths, but as I experienced Wendig’s crass scavenger that will/did everything in her power to push people away, I cringed.  I recognize I probably have some negative transference, but Miriam’s still hard to like.  When I say she’s crass I don’t mean she uses some profanity,  this isn’t a common use of fuck, shit,etc.   This is very creative thought out descriptions of exactly what a person can do to a twat or cunt in an extremely ignorant fashion.  So…this is not for children, or the faint of heart. It’s also rather violent.

I will again say it is well written, good thriller.  It has twists I didn’t see and a luke warm uplifting ending.  Maybe Wendig is saving that for a series finale but I just don’t quite think uplifting happy rainbows is his style.  I haven’t decided if I’m reading the next book.  I feel dirty.  I think I will take a shower and decide later.


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2 responses to “Blackbirds (Miriam Black 1) – Chuck Wendig

  • Rabindranauth

    Wow, no wonder so many of my friends seem to like this despite it being paranormal/urban fantasy. It sounds really gritty.


    • stephswint

      Yes…its definitely gritty! I would say this would appeal to a different crowd than the typical paranormal crowd (whatever the typical paranormal crowd is)…more noir, more thriller


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