The Enchanted Forest – Ida Rentoul Outhwaite


The Enchanted Forest is a childhood favorite that has stoo d the test of time and remains an adult favorite.  I remember having it read to me at an early age, me curled up against my dad, while he read it in his deep voice making the characters come alive.  He would have to pause frequently as I marveled at the illustrations.  They are works of art and I wanted to explore every piece of them.



The story is about Anne, a young girl, who gets thrown from her horse and she is lead by her tame rabbit Potty, who at night transforms into his faerie form, through the enchanted forest.  This is an exploration of her beloved forest in a view she hasn’t seen before and she meets talking animals, faerie, witches and goblins.


mmm magic!!



I received this book as a child and to this day the illustrations are imprinted in my mind of what magic and faerie are. It is a beautiful story. Ida Rentoul Outhwaite is a master artist, even if you do not know her by name or read her books, I guarantee you have seen her work on a card.  I was surprised to find she is not more well known by name.  I had to search and search on google, amazon, goodreads, etc before I found this book (because I also did not remember her name – just the book title.)  She is an amazing artist who worked with her husband on several children’s books in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  Her artwork details subjects of the forest, faeries, and magic.

I recommend this book for every child and I was dismayed to see this book is out of print and extremely rare. It actually threw me into a whirlwind trying to find mine. If you read my about page, I have many backbreaking boxes of books that I don’t have shelf room for, I started opening my boxes and causing a mess of catastrophic proportions after I didn’t find it on my shelves.  I can’t explain why its not on my shelves, but finally I found it and breathed a sigh of relief that my childhood friend had been found.   That being said, if you can obtain a copy of this book it has the ability to awaken magic in any child or adult.  I would urge anyone to buy this.  The story is beautiful but the illustration work is unforgettable.  This is one that can only be done justice in book format.


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2 responses to “The Enchanted Forest – Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

  • mb

    You have just described my whirlwind when I couldn’t locate this book. For me, it was a book I discovered in my school library. I read it, devoured it, and fell in love with it. The books story became interlaced into my dreams. After many years I started to feel like I must have dreamed the whole thing in a childhood kind of fantasy. Eventually 30 years later I searched diligently for it, and like you struggled to find the author and name of it. I eventually found a copy of this precious book and consider it one of the most special possessions I own. No e-reader could ever manage to produce what this book does. It comforts me to know it has also been loved so utterly by you as well. Thank you for your story.

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