Beautiful Photos of a Farmer and His Pigs

Photo credit: Toshiteru Yamaji

As a child pigs were my favorite animal. Who couldn’t love these creatures and I love how the farmer makes them part of his family. These pictures are beautiful. My dad took me to a farm as a child and asked me if I knew what happend to pigs and why they were on the farm. He also asked me if I liked eating bacon and ham – he knew I loved it. He explained the realities to me and asked if I wanted bacon for breakfast. It took me the four hour drive to finally say yes. He then told me he was glad to hear it because if I didn’t those pigs wouldn’t be on a farm. He is an economist and shared several of these “Aha” moments as I got older, but these pictures detail and show what smart and fun creatures they are.


Pigs get a bad rap — they’re generally portrayed as, in the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, “a filthy animal.” It’s not really fair, though. They’re intelligent, sensitive creatures, and the more I read about them, the worse I feel about bacon. Their social side is on full display in these beautiful photos of a pig farmer by the name of Otchan, who looks after some 1,200 pigs at his farm in southern Japan. The images, which we found on Feature Shoot, are the work of photographer Toshiteru Yamaji, and appear in his self-published photo book, Pigs and Papa. They capture the bond between human and animal, and serve as a stark reminder that our food doesn’t have to be produced in hideous industrial farms.

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One response to “Beautiful Photos of a Farmer and His Pigs

  • indiefan20

    I don’t know how that farmer can cuddle up to his pigs and then have them for breakfast :/. I was a vegetarian for a couple of years, but I began craving meat so badly that I stopped. I feel bad when I hear that pigs are are at least as smart as dogs, but so far, my love of bacon has always won out.


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