Definitely a fan, but not a superfan. Reporting from SLC Comic Con Fan Experience today! Yay!


I mentioned I am a fan and I am! This experience was so fun.  The Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Experience took place because the original and first Comic Con that took place in SLC sold out.  The Fire Marshall made people leave, but it showed how many fans were out in the Utah area, and I have to say YAY Utah.  You did this right!  So the fan experience was born and they brought some amazing folks such as Nathan Fillion(Firefly), Patrick Stewart(X-Men, Star Trek,etc.), Karen Gillan(Doctor Who), and and the list goes on…

One complaint, You had to pay to meet them and you had to pay to get a picture with them. To see one it would be about$100.00.  I get it though, this is how you get them to come.  I chose to peep at them from afar.

What is so fun is the experience and the culture of the Con itself.  This is where we geeks get to find our others and it is perfectly normal and wonderful to let your inner nerd/fan/geek run amok.   It’s so much fun (ahem…picture of me with the tardis below)



There is merchandise such as comics, rare comics, zombie paraphernalia, swords, brass knuckles, steam punk clothing, renaissance clothing, comic costumes, Magic gaming, any gaming, Fantasy and sci fi literature authors and artists, etc, …and the fans!   Aside from a few women who take the opportunity to dress as a ‘Sucker Punch’ character or bar wench solely so they can wear as little as possible there are also the awesome women and men who dress as Boba Fett, The Doctor, Weeping Angels, Optimus Prime, and Zombies that moan as they did in World War Z.  Think of the commitment, the sheer love for the characters/shows/books.   It’s inspiring.  I love the fantasy, enjoyment and escape.  So take off any ‘judgement caps’that might be out there and look at the photos and relish in some vicarious fun




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