“Dawn of the White Light: a man’s terrifying search for the answer to his nightmares” – Robert M. K. Turner

Dawn of white light 1 This was a rough read for me.  I think at its heart, the book stemmed from a good concept.  It is science fiction.  Turner created an ancient alien evil that landed on the earth in the age of the dinosaurs.  Periodically, through history this evil would rise from the buried depths to prey upon humans on a very specific piece of land in Ireland. Turner has us experience this horror in the 1200’s while the Abbey was built, while it housed an order of monks, and a modern story line surrounding Andy Salter, all around normal guy who is an aging salesman, aging amateur cricket player for the village team,  bird watcher, and painter.

Andy sounds a bit convoluted and a bit all over the place, doesn’t he?  Unfortunately, the whole book is a bit like this.  There is a lot of information dumped on the reader and most of it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the storyline.  It takes away from any suspense or intrigue.  I have no issue with a multi faceted character, in-depth description of processes, or historical information, but it needs to have a purpose.  I don’t have any particular issue with the game of cricket but if a large portion of the book describes multiple games and facts about said games it had better relate to the story.  It didn’t.   I read the whole book in hopes that there would be a reason for all the excess information that would somehow tie all the pieces together.  It didn’t happen.

I give Turner credit for effort but if I hadn’t picked this up from Netgalley I would have abandoned it at the ten percent marker.  The key issues were flat characters, excess information that didn’t have purpose, and an underdeveloped payoff.  You learn in the first several pages that aliens came to earth and are killing its inhabitants, but you never learn why.  I wish that Turner would do another edit of the book because the story has potential but the book desperately needs information that is not pertinent to be removed and information added that supports the purpose and motivation behind the main story arc.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review.


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