“Books on Tap for the Month of July”



It’s not quite July 1st  but its closer than last month.  It’s all about progress my friends.  For the past two month I’ve been giving you an idea of what books I will review.  If you are following this I am sure you have noticed that you do get a review on the three or four I post here, but I always sneak in other reads, guilty pleasures and the like.  I try to set expectations I know I can  achieve, maybe I set them a little low, but when I surpass expectation I am a golden child (at least in my eyes.)  I recommend adopting this in your own life.  It creates less sensations of guilt, disappointed looks and lectures.  For me, I would rather you hit me than tell me you are disappointed in me, so, I avoid it as much as possible.  Below is the list of reviews I am committing to supplying you this month.  I hope you enjoy them.

Fool's Assassin (The Fitz and The Fool Trilogy, #1)

‘Fools Assassin” by Robin Hobb published by Random House Publishing Group – Del Rey Spectra    (Publish Date 8/12/14)


I started reading Robin Hobb books last year starting with Assassin’s Apprentice.  It is important to know that while this the first of  ‘The Fitz and The Fool’ trilogy it is not the first in this story.  There are two other trilogy’s that deal with Fitz Chivalry Farseer and additional trilogies tied to the Fool.  I say this so you do not start here.  I would also say what are you waiting on?  Robin Hobb’s Farseer books are amazing and if you say you are a true fantasy reader you have to read at least one them.  I am throwing my down the gauntlet and recommend starting with ‘Assassin’s Apprentice’ in the Farseer trilogy.

Okay, all logistics aside, I love Fitz Chivalry and the Fool.  I was ecstatic to hear Robin Hobb was writing another series about the Farseers and delving back into the lives of characters that are beloved to me.  The story is another world similar to our middle ages with magic and dragons.  Dragons are not always handled well,  but Robin Hobb treats them respectfully and creates a strong mythology for them.  ‘The Fitz and The Fool’ starts with Fitz living at Withywood with Molly and Patience in a nice settled life until pale strangers turn up in his life and bring with them death.   Just when Fitz pulled  himself out they found a way to pull him back into the Farseer drama. 😉 I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

‘The Book of Life’ by Deborah Harkness published by Penguin Group Viking   (Publish Date 7/15/14)


This is the third installment of ‘The All Souls Trilogy’ that started with ‘A Discovery of Witches’  ‘A Discovery of Witches’ has been termed Twilight for adults.  I take issue with that comment despite the fact there are overbearing protective vampires in the book and there is a romance.  The story starts with a reluctant witch, Diana, who while doing historical research on alchemy finds herself embroiled in a centuries long search for ‘The Book of Life.’  No one knows for sure what the book is but the mythos is that it is the first grimoire, it is the genetic history of all creatures, etc.  Vampires, witches, and daemons are all searching for this book and Diana found it in her hands out of sheer chance.  This takes Diana into a search for the book, who she is, and her capabilities as a witch.  She is an intelligent and strong woman.  She and Matthew, a vampire, find themselves traveling back to the 15th century in search to find ‘The Book of Life’ before it was damaged.  I have to say I was not as impressed with the second book  as the first but I still enjoyed it.  The final installment, ‘The Book of Life’ is wrapping everything up.  I’ve already started it.  The minute I was approved to receive the ARC from Netgalley I dived in.  I say with a sigh of relief and contentment  it is full of action, favorite characters, and intrigue! I’m loving every minute of it and am not disappointed at all .  I’m about 80% done and the review will be here before you know it.

The Girl (The Sanctum, #1)

‘The Girl’ – Madhuri Blaylock published by Lucy Publishing


The book is the first in a series set in New York city  but with Magicals living in the midst of unknowing humans.  Sounds like my type of book.  The Sanctum is the all-powerful governing body founded by ten families  The Sanctum ensures the peace amongst Magicals and the ignorance of the humans.  The question is after generations of power is The Sanctum truly well-meaning or has it been corrupted over time? Wyatt Clayworth is sent out to extinguish the life of a prophesied hybrid destined to destroy The Sanctum and the world.  Instead of finding a terror of gargantuan proportions he finds a broken, haunted girl.  The questions begin of what the truth is and where will it lead.  An alternate New York City?  A corrupt governing institution? Prophesies of the end of the world?  – Well, of course I want to read it, it sound like bit of good old earth ending fun.

Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1)

‘Angelfall’ – Susan Ee published by Feral Dream


This has been in my ‘to be read’ list for some time and every time I read the summary I wonder why I haven’t gotten to it yet.  It is about angels coming to earth and engaging in a war with humans.  Penryn is a female teenage protagonist that is trying to keep her schizophrenic mother and her wheel chair bound seven-year old sister from dying of starvation.  The realities of surviving when water and food are scarce is one hazard but so are strangers looking for the same resources, and the angels.  One day Penryn finds herself in the midst of angels trying to kill one of their own kind.  As a distraction, while her mother and sister are to run away, Penryn throws the angel in distress his sword.  He survives but the other angels take Penryn’s sister, her mother is gone, and Penryn and this angel make an uneasy alliance.

I’m looking forward to this.  I like the concept of angels in fantasy, but haven’t found a series I think lives up to the potential.  I am hoping this one does.



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