The Mime Order (Bone Season#2) – Samantha Shannon (9 chapter teaser)

The Mime Order (The Bone Season, #2)

Oh my! I received the 9 chapter teaser for Samantha  Shannon’s second book in the The Bone Season series.  Was I happy to see it was just a teaser?  No, but did it stop me from requesting it?  No.  I’ve read teasers before and generally come away feeling no worse for it, but this left a hell of a cliffhanger.  I don’t like the term “tease” but lacking a better term for this…well, this was a tease!  I’m left frustrated and wanting more…

“The Mime Order’ is better than ‘The Bone Season.’  It is better written.  I was never bored.  This book, at least the 9 chapters I was able to read, does not focus on the Rephaim.  The books focus is on the Syndicate.  Do you enjoy delving into the illegal underbelly of an alternate London?  Do you like strong female characters that aren’t teenagers?  Do you like magic or clairvoyant behavior?  Do you like a books that do not have romance as the primary focus?  Welcome to the good version of Urban Fantasy.

Paige Mahoney is the Pale Dreamer.  She is a mollisher, the second in command of a powerful voyant (clairvoyant human) syndicate headed by a crazy man by the name of Jax.  She is Irish, and the Irish are not thought of highly in this version of London.  Any practice of voyant powers are outlawed and to survive you better be part of one of the syndicate voyant gangs or you will end up captured by the government or dead.  The London population is afraid of voyance and they are quick to eradicate it.  The funny thing about this is it’s a show.  The city is controlled by Rephaim, dangerous alien creatures that protect humanity from an even worse alien threat in exchange for captive Voyants.  The Rephaim feed off the voyant auras.  This is hidden from the average London population.  The fear mongering propaganda is solely a tool for a corrupt puppet government to capture and provide Voyants as sacrificial lambs to the Rephaim and keep their twisted bargain.  So, Paige returns to her London to try to correct this bigger problem; to rally the syndicate against the Rephaim.  Our poor Paige quickly becomes disillusioned.  As long as the Syndicate and Mime Lords (Criminal Voyant Gang Leader) are getting their cut they are fine to keep the status quo.  The delicate balance can last only so long, however.  Changes will come…and that is where the cliffhanger comes in.  No spoilers.

I am now biting my nails in frustration. The wee  taste of this book I received has only made the wait for the COMPLETE book harder.  Oh, and it’s no longer coming out in October I heard the release date has been pushed back to January..ish.  I’m a very patient lady in most respects of my life, but I have no literary patience.  I want immediate satisfaction.  The fact that what I read is a vast improvement over ‘The Bone Season’ doesn’t help.  I liked ‘ The Bone Season’ by the way.  It had a few flaws, but it was a great debut for Samantha Shannon.  There were no flaws I could see in this “teaser.”  That’s all I have to say.  I’m off to find the literary alternative to a cold shower.  Any suggestions????


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