Time’s Edge (Chronos Files#2) – Rysa Walker

Time's Edge (The CHRONOS Files, #2)


I recently finished the first book of this series, ‘Time Bound.’  I gobbled it up.  This book was no different.  I shoveled it in without swallowing.  I couldn’t put it down.  We get more time travel, new time lines, people who are different because the time line has changed.  It was intriguing and fun.  The first book took us to the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair stocked with the serial killer H. H. Holmes.  This one we takes us to the assassination of JFK, and the campaign trail of Roosevelt.  Walker picks some fascinating times and places for her characters to travel.  This is the great second installment of the Chronos Files and I encourage you to acquire it.

Kate is back in her original timeline.  There are a few minor things that have changed but the important things, like her parents existing and having her, are back to the way they were.  She is working hard to restore the timeline with Catherine, her grandmother, Connor, and Kiernan’s help.  They are tracking down the keys of the other historians who were stranded when Saul destroyed Chronos.  It’s not always easy to convince them of what has happened, or that they need to give up the keys.  Add to those issues that some of the missions are downright dangerous putting Kate in the path of crocodiles, flying bullets, and lynchings.

This is enough to deal with but Kate is being run ragged by her grandmother whose cancer is progressing making her moody, forgetful, and impatient.  Kate loves her but when she is dealing with Kiernan, who wants her to be his Kate (a Kate that no longer exists due to the disruption of the timeline who loved Kiernan, it’s a bit stressful.  Kiernan tells her how the missions went during the alternate timeline and how frustrated she was with Catherine.  It helps but also fires some frustrations with her grandmother.  Add to the fact she followed through and  introduce herself to the new  timeline Tre, her old boyfriend, and they are trying to figure out exactly what they are to one another.  I previously said that there wasn’t really a love triangle but in book two it legitimately develops into one.  If these irritate you I encourage you to read the books anyway because the rest of the book make up for including the young adult trap.

The Cyrists didn’t go away and they are as dangerous as ever.  In ‘Time’s Edge,’ you learn more about the religion, how and why Saul created them, and about Prudence’s involvement.  Shifting timelines change the level of popularity of the Cyrists but not their fundamental beliefs or structure.  Those remain the same.

Sometimes the second book in a series fails miserably, but Walker did well by keeping our interest with a legitimate storyline that ends in a true cliffhanger.  I’m just as impatient for the third book as I was the second.  She gave us more character history, more information to flesh out motives, and historical information that does not stray to far from the truth.

It is young adult science fiction, but it is good enough to keep adults interested and entertained.  Parents have nothing to worry about in having their teenagers read this.  Swearing is minimal if not non-existant. Sexual relationships are discussed but I would say it is age appropriate.  You can always read it first, but I would say it’s probably an excuse to get your hands on the book before the teenager in the house to avoid having to wait.  Enjoy.

I received this from NetGalley and Amazon Children’s Publishing in return for an honest review.


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