Mind The Gap – Tim Richards

Mind the Gap (The Darius Transitions)

Publish Date: December 1, 2014

This was a rough read for me. I loved the premise. Set in an alternate London we meet Darius, our main character.  He always thought he was a normal guy, but after an altercation in the Underground he thinks he is going crazy.  A a man came after him with a knife and he can’t remember anything else. He woke up in a different station. He doesn’t know how he got there and he is being chased by trained assassins. An unknown and mysterious woman saves him  only to let him know his world – the real world, and a parallel world created by dream and thought exist. He would say she had lost her mind except he keeps disappearing and appearing in other places. How can he explain this and why are trying people trying to kill him?  It turns out they want to kill him because of his disappearing act.  They believe he fulfills an ancient prophecy and whoever controls him controls the fate of both worlds.

The two worlds have a connection to ancient Egyptian religions. I was excited for this but the world building was not strong.  It felt cardboard.  There wasn’t enough detail to make you feel you were in present day London let alone an alternate version.  I recognize I tend to lean towards long descriptions and don’t mind a 1000 page book so this may bother me more than the average reader.  I wanted and expected more. I wanted to see the abandoned subway tunnels. I wanted to feel for the characters but I couldn’t see them and I can’t tell you more about one than the other or how to distinguish them from each other.  Strong solid characters and strong world building will lead me to forgive the worst writing.  This is what I look for in books first and foremost.  If this is important to you this is not the book for you.  If a strong story is enough for you there is a chance you will connect to this better than I did.

Consider this before you pick up ‘Mind the Gap.’ Are you looking for a light read? This fulfills that.  Do you like Urban Fantasy?  Check.  Will you need to pay attention? Yes.  Do you care if your characters are stereotypical? Yes – steer clear, if it doesn’t bother you feel free to pick it up.  In some ways the premise has similarities to ‘Sixty One Nails’ by Mike Shevdon.  It may satiate your needs better if you require stronger world building and fleshed out characters.

I received this from Netgalley and HarperCollins Publishers Australia in return for an honest review.


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