Magic Bites – Ilona Andrews

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Some books come into your life at the right moment.  Usually, when people say that its guaranteed to tug at your emotions and rip your heart to shreds.  This book came at the perfect point for me because I am currently happily disassociating from all emotions. Kate Daniel’s, a badass mercenary, in a Post-Shift Atlanta, Georgia is perfect.  The Shift marked the return of magic to the world.  It’s reaking havoc on technology and anything made by it.  Cue skyscrapers crumbling and cars puttering to a stop.  This only happens during magic flares, however, the rest of the time electricity and engines run just fine. There is no evil over reaching government but we get to have Witches, Knights, Gods, Vampires, and Werebeasts.  It might sound a bit campy, but it’s not.  This is good urban fantasy and I couldn’t be happier.

Ilona Andrews takes a prickly, defensive, and deadly merc who is supposed to lay low and puts her smack dab in the middle of a firestorm.  Kate Daniels isn’t supposed to be something special, any light she has is supposed to be hidden, but when her guardian is murdered she marches into The Order demanding to find out what’s going on.  She has a bit of a temper and a limited group of people she claims as her own.  She has no friends and dropped out of The Order as a teenager because she has “issues with authority.”  I love Kate.  Instead of a fight they let her investigate as a crusader.  She gets it.  The brighter lights she puts on herself the more likely The Order can have someone else doing the real work.  She is a distraction.

In her pursuit of Greg’s killer she is going all the places she was taught not to go.  For a woman who is supposed to hide her blood and magic she is putting herself in close contact, and under careful scrutiny, of both The People and The Pack.   As close as Kate can tell the reason Greg was murdered was because he was investigating the brutal murders of both Vampires and Werebeasts.  Something is eating the flesh of the dead and female members of The Pack.  It doesn’t matter if they are weremink, werewolves, or wererat.  It doesn’t make sense and everyone in a position of power wants to know what she discovers.  That’s difficult enough, but the magic signature on the dead is orange.  Nothing should show orange.  The dead show purple and there is yellow and blue in the living, but nothing shows orange.

I have no idea how I came to this party so late.  So many have sang the praises of Kate Daniels but I didn’t get it.  I officially adore Ilona Andrews.  That said, am I saying this book is going to become a classic? Is it going to change literature and will it be studied for years to come?  Probably not and I also don’t care.  I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it so much that I consumed it in an unreasonably short period of time.  I also absolutely recognize it is filling a hole in my life that was in need of snark, action, and magic. What I am saying is that I have become to close to the book to judge it fairly.  I’ve already started the next one and am grudgingly writing the review now because I don’t want to forget it.  I am, however, all to aware that it is eating into my reading time.

What are you doing?! …That was your cue to pick up the damn book if you haven’t read it already!:)


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