The Fold – Peter Clines

The more I think about this book the more I like it.  It’s clever, complicated, and funny.  Clines, with ’14,’ generated a campy following that loved a throw back to Scooby Doo and Lovecraftian Horror.  I loved it.   ‘The Fold’ carries some of that with better writing, a fleshed out unique story, interesting characters that come across a bit more real, alternate dimensions, and don’t worry Clines gave us some monsters.  We get a little Lovecraft style at the end.

The fact is I’m impressed.  Our main character looks like a young Severus Snape.  He’s a genius but doesn’t want to be.  Why, you ask? Well a genius with an eidetic mind is going to research what other geniuses have gone through. When he sees that it’s not all roses but depression and disappointment he makes a decision, at a young age, to limit himself.  He chooses not to research everything despite the fact he can.  Instead he chooses to be an English teacher at a run of the mill high school.  He purposefully leads a “simple life” in an effort to be happy.  That’s smart and quite the twist – not one that most people can understand.

His government stooge of a friend derails all that planning with the best of intentions and an opportunity of a lifetime.  Any geek, nerd, or layman with a penchant for pop culture will love the asides and references sprinkled into ‘The Fold.’  They are salted throughout the text and they are fun and fit.  I mentioned Clines is clever and I meant it.  I don’t like spoilers and I avoid them, but I need to give you the basics.  Mike Erickson (The Severus Snape/Alan Rickman look-alike) gets drawn into a top-secret project, as government oversight, that is a gateway to worlds of possibility.  His eidetic mind is challenged and changed irrevocably.  His life is changed permanently, as all good stories and twists do.  He also becomes the only hope the project scientists, who resent him, have.

I liked ’14’.  I enjoyed and respect ‘The Fold.’  Well done Clines, well done.  I don’t believe this will become cannon or required reading, but I can say it satisfied me.  It is well written, I liked the characters, and at the end I was satiated.  I believe others will be too.  Is that enough to get you to read it?  If not, well, my powers of persuasion are not enough…

I listened to it through Audible.  I was lucky that I recieved it in return for an honest review.  The fact is I would have paid for it happily, and maybe I’m showing my hand in a garish and impolite way, but I don’t care.  Ray Porter narrated it.  He was able to differentiate characters with ease while embodying the main character of Mike Erickson expertly.  I was impressed at his capability to handle both female and male characters equally well.  I relished listening to it.  I’m sure I would have appreciated reading it just as much, but listening to it was a joy.  If you are curious about ‘The Fold’ at all, but maybe don’t want to invest in the time to read it, I say listen to it.  I would be suprised if you come away disappointed, but if you are skeptical at all, you can go to the audible site through the link below and listen to a sample of Porter’s narration and form your own opinion.  It is a good representation.

I haven’t decided if this is a five or a four for me.  It keeps hovering in the middle and I argue with myself where it belongs. Either way, it really doesn’t matter that much.  I enjoyed it.  I believe you will enjoy it.  Go and read or listen to it already….

I received this audio book from Audible in return for an honest review.


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