How We Tell The Story

My site is Bookish and the tag line is “All books, reviews, genres, and bookish types welcome.”  I think the heart of bookishness ( a word I am pretty sure is not dictionary approved) is the story.  This page is where I’m going to post the way we humans tell stories, our stories, history etc.  It’s easy to say the story is the book, but any artist/ musician/ dancer,/creator will argue.  We have so many mediums to express a primal need to communicate and pass on beliefs, tradition, or just vent on an exhausting day.  When we look at the world around us we perceive it and either open ourselves to it or shut ourselves away from it.  Much of what is magical about stories is their ability to let us escape, or deal with a problem outside our situation.  What we create connects to others whether we mean it to be personal or not.  As bloggers, we create/write/judge/critique for ourselves, mainly, but we also develop an audience.  What we create in the blogosphere, like any artists creation, will shift, adapt, be quoted, and bastardized from the original meaning once it has left the confines of our minds. Commentary, examples, etc. will reside here.  I’d love if you would share your thoughts on the subject.

Let’s talk about Beatrix Potter, the stories, not so much the books…lets talk about stories

The Story through Dance – The Performance and the Audience

Art’s first stories, interpretations, and why ‘Ancient Aliens’ can say “Clearly, we were visited by Ancient Alien Astronauts!”


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