Destiny – Tom Lowe


This is an ode to conspiracy theories big and small.  If you like your mysteries filled with cryptanalysis, Isaac Newton, spy agencies across the world, and religion this may be the book for you. This book falls into the category of beach reads or something I would pick up in an airport on my vacation. It’s fun but you will have to suspend your disbelief.  This isn’t going to be something you mistake for fact, and if you have watched a history channel documentary on the subjects of Issac Newton or Bible Code you likely will know as much as you will learn here.  It’s not meant for deep analysis.  It’s meant for entertainment.

I felt a distinct familiarity with ‘Davinci Code.’  This is not a criticism.  It’s a thriller, it has a lead guy who is intelligent, it has a leading lady who helps him solve the mystery.  A distinct difference is the theme of religious predestination . People come into his life at right times to point him in the direction he needs to go.  He finds faith and he finds access to code/pathways only he is meant to find.  This is fine but it is important for people to recognize it is not an objective approach to the material.   This does not take away from an atmosphere of fun but its something to be aware of prior to picking it up.

The international thriller takes you from America to Jerusalem and from there to France followed by England and back again.  Paul Marcus gets himself caught in the nets of Mossad, the NSA, Iranian spies, and even an International Cabal.  How much trouble can one Nobel Peace prize winner get himself in?  This guys family has been murdered, he worked as a cryptanalyst, solved his daughter’s heart problem (unfortunately too late) and he is going to crack the bible code, albeit with the help of Isaac Newton’s old notes.  I mentioned you have to suspend your belief, didn’t I?  I wasn’t joking this stretches all limits of credulity.  That said, if you can turn off your inner skeptic and settle yourself into enjoy a piece of pulpy fun you can laugh and cheer along with it.

I listened to the audible version.  Mikael Naramore narrates it.  I loved his narration of the Tao Series. He does a great job with ‘Destiny’ as well.  He differentiates the characters and he handled a long list of accents with ease.  If your interested in giving audio a shot you can sample the narration at audible through the link below.  I recommend you have a healthy chunk of time.  The audio book is roughly seventeen hours.  It’s not a small commitment but if you’re sitting back with a drink in your hand watching the waves crash on the sand or dealing with an international flight you’ll be just fine.

I received this from Audible in exchange for a fair review.

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