Have you logged your pages read with Pages4Progress?


If you follow my blog you read.  I’m not saying that as a stereotype, it is literally true.  You are quite literally reading the post.  My poor attempt at humor aside I know reading is as dear to you as it is to me.  It is your friend, your solace, even your therapist.  I’m asking you to do something very simple.  I’m not asking you to donate, that is not something everyone can do, but with pages4progress every book you read helps support literacy programs in developing countries.  By simply logging the pages you read (and some of you read quite a bit more than me) you can help them reach their goal of 3 million pages read by National Literacy Day on September 8.  Those of you reading this are computer savvy.  Take the two minutes to register and periodically log your pages.

Reading for those of us that follow book blogs, created our own, and keep up with the community knows this isn’t just about providing people with a necessary and life changing skill.  It’s about giving people an opportunity to visit different worlds, meet new friends, and change the way we think without ever leaving home.  I don’t need to say why this is important.  You already know.  I’m just here to let you know of a way you can help without doing anything other than what you would already be doing.  Come on, it’s not like I need to give you an excuse to read, but I’m going to do it anyway. Register at: Pages4Progress.



About Steph

As C. S. Lewis said, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” I am an indiscriminate reader. I can find a way to enjoy almost all books. I find they are like people – you can find something endearing in almost every one of them. I love to write reviews. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful. View all posts by Steph

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